Dear Visitor

A great respect to You, as You are an Author of any art piece, that appears in Your conscious.
This is a result of Your work of interpreting of some informational stream, that before has been only a row of some data incorporated in material.
Because of Your co-creation any material work acquire independent existence and receives sense of its entity.
Thank you Dear Viewer!

Yuriy Nemish

About the Artist and his Work

“Auto-portrait” - by Yuriy Nemish

My pursuit of becoming an artist began in 1980, when I started to visit an evening studio at Lviv Academy of Art, where I took lessons in academic painting and drawing. Eventually I graduated from State Extramural People’s University of Arts in Moscow.

I was born in Ukraine,in Cherniatyn, a village in the west of Ukraine. From my early years I was greatly interested in painting which consequently became a dream to follow.

My methodology for teaching art has been printed in a state scientific-pedagogic magazine for my peers to view. It presents a new authentic program based on a productive and not reproductive approach, that has until now, totally dominated the educational system. I have been participating in Ukrainian contests for creative teachers throughout the years

I worked as a teacher of Art for many years where I shared my knowledge with my students, as well as working on developing my own methodology of teaching art.

"Squaring the circle" - by Yuriy Nemish

Unfortunately,I always felt limitations to what I wanted to present on my canvas in relation tothose styles. That is why I was forced to look for some personal solutions. Many years were spent to develop my own principle and attitude to work, that I call for myself Conceptionism. “Conceptionism” (from lat. conceptio comprehending) as an approach principle, foresees using of semiotic signs to be precise sign vehicles (according to Charles William Morris’s Writings on the General Theory of Signs), as simplified forms of objects of the world that function as universals. This allows me to present in my works a view that is uncompleted and insufficiently convincing, where the viewer is invited to be part of the co-creation/co-processing in order to refine the comprehension of events and objects.

At the same time as my professional career, I was working on my own personal style to present my ideas on canvas. I was developing myself in different styles, starting from realism and ending with primitivism.

A lot of research work has been done in an area of scientific theses known as “Using of psychophysics influence of colour-forms in children’s artistic activity”. These two fields of interest and research have had great influence on my works, which resulted in my extensive work with semiotic images. These semiotic images are visual sign vehicles. I strive to solve the problem of sign vehicle, whichis quite complex, because the sign has to designate something different from itself and atthe same time any visual image in itself wants to display itself as separate.

I have spent many years studying the Philosophy and Psychology of human perception.

The approach integrated in these styles is used in many of my projects: Ready Existent, Splints of the Woods, Presence through Absence, Exit from Labyrinth, Smiles, Skin of Existence, media art “Visic” etc.

At present in my work, I can conventionally differentiate two directions: Kinematic Schematics and Geometric Semiotics.

“Butterfly fencier" - by Yuriy Nemish

The work’s surface is divided on dark and light local spots. This approach allows to increase comprehension of sign vehicles and allows to treat them as traces of something else than they are. The depicted surface could often be treated as such, that is deprived of its own content. This gives the viewer something different from what is presented to them, and this needs to be processed and the system of thoughts need to be retrieved as a concept of a real object. In other works, the plan of content needs to be quite limited and not fully developed. In this way the sign becomes the plan of expression and plan of content is co-created by viewer.

The sign vehicle is presented as a gestalt. Completed gestalts always are unified and completed structures. Usage of them in the work simplifies perception: complete image with distinct contours.

"Quo Vadis " (lat. Where are you going) - by Yuriy Nemish

This trace is simplified and unprecise but the analysis designates it as factual and true reality. The same approach but in reverse is used in my works. On the canvas I construct only a trace of the phenomenon of reality. This trace is not a real event and barely gives a reminder of the complex object of the surrounding world. It is only a sign, that points at the existence of something different. Here the human’s association mechanism needs to be engaged, that lays in the appearance of psychological relations between different psychological actions. As a consequence the viewer forms a completed view on a real event. For this process it is required to have a certain spiritual experience and to be able to participate in co-creation. In this way the viewer will be creating his own view of certain events. In my works the main creative idea, is what appear in the viewers head and not what is presented on the work itself.


All phenomena in the surrounding world are extremely complicated, multidimensional and polysemantic. In human psyche there is just a trace of the complex phenomenon of reality as it is formed.

Up to now there has been 3 solo exhibitions of my works, as well as my participation within several group exhibition displays.

I invite you to visit my Portfolio and co-create with me.

Sincerely Yours,

Yuriy Nemish

In my works I want to realize the organization of the field of the canvas, that has to have a stable and simple functional structure overall.

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