Presense through Absence

“Presence through Absence” III – “A Bell”

``A Bell``

i.e. a bell, its action (whether someone felt it or not in someone’s life), perceived current absence of a bell or its sound, or its vibrance affects in the life of a particular viewer.

“Presence through Absence”. Designed for perception in space, from different views. The concept is based on the use of semiotic images and foresees activation of personal memory. It is manifested not only in memories of events in human life, but primarily as an assessment, as a personal subjective attitude to relationships with other people and certain events or phenomena of the world after they ceased to exist.

The task of this project is to unobtrusively help the viewer to evaluate their attitude to both the past and the present, to evaluate their attitude due to the absence of something important. At the same time here is investigated the question of assessing the absence of what was not in human life. It is also important that the absence of what was not in once life, what is absent but we are aware of it, also exists in our consciousness and significantly affects and directs human life.


  • The artwork could be presented and perceived  on its both sides.
  • Material: wooden board, plastic material, oil paint.

``Presence through Absence``

A human pays a lot of attention to what surrounds one at the exact moment, but sometimes the stronger influence has on us not the presence, but rather the absence of someone or something. Although absence, unlike presence, has an intangible dimension, it is a significant factor in our being. A person often truly begins to notice and appreciate someone or something when he/she loses it, when he/she feels this absence, which appears becomes more expressive, valued presence.

During the war, there are many losses: from the smallest material losses, through mental losses (calm, peace), to the most precious which is life. Absence materializes into presence through the pain of losing something dear and valuable. However, what is absent can materialize itself and become joy/joyful feeling when difficult and terrible times pass and disappear.

Some works are based on two symbols out of rather a large-scale project: ” Presence through absence “.

The works are accomplished on wooden surface covered with colored plastic mass with through-cut fragments, which should appear as symbols indicating a certain absence. Depending on the background on the plane, these symbols may change slightly in perception. It is obvious that each person is able to interpret symbols differently.

© Yuriy Nemish/ NemishArt

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