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Kinematic Schematics

“Silence” - by Yuriy Nemish

In contemporary world a human is more inclined to think with the help of signs. Recentlyincreases number of people that comprehend the world in the first placeas system of ideas. Often the artisticwork is constructed basedon emotional grounds and the logical perception is secondary and deriving matter.

In this project the logical comprehension is meant to be primary. That is why the work is composed based on schematic images.Thispermits to read it intelligentlyand in the second place to appearofemotionsthat result from human’s comprehending of schematic signs.The gist of the approach is presented by works that are done in common style and are united by the name of “Kinematic Schematics”. This name is similar to technical definition of “Kinematic diagram”, where on the diagramthe connectivity of links is presented, indicating firstly the movingand important elements.Along with this such presentation could be found in Stele-like sculptures, where in the slabof sculpture only main parts of human bodywere depicted.Such approach permits to treat the presentation surface in somewhat a new way.

Such composition units display certain peculiarities in comparison to realistic or conditionally realistic images. On one hand like phenomena they appear in new emotional color and on another hand as indexed signs are easily engaged in comprehension process.The gist of the project lays in change of artistic work comprehension algorithm from emotion driven to intelligent driven comprehension. Thisis a change ofartistic work from form of expression to form of context. In some point this approach to the form may look insufficiently justified butwe can observe in the surrounding world as visually-natural form with all its attractive characteristics is giving up to certain schematics. This is the ways the science go, that puts the question: “What is world?” This is the same way the contemporary art is going, that intent to put the question: “Who are you human?”Replying to this question will make us aware what the world is.

These works attempt to organize everything in the manner that would be easy and fast to transfer oneself from image to inner self-reflection and comprehension of already something different that would be characterized by personal, individual quality.

“Silence” - by Yuriy Nemish


–human without a mouth.

Oil. 40×50 cm.

We as humans, as citizens are dumb inthe majority. Works are done in different mediabut are similar in the approach.

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