“Smileys” I – “Locked”


Any human activity and in particular art, inevitably determines the time through which the nature of phenomena and events, their duration and length are expressed.

I want to share with you my series of works called ” Smileys “.

Despite the centuries-old history of smileys (the first appeared in the late 19th century), only now they have become an element of mass culture. The widespread use of smileys is due to the fact that a person seeks to identify himself through a schematic image, which assigns his/hers own current emotional state.


  • Material: glass, oil paint.
  • The project is planned to be done in various visual materials and techniques, and currently there are 18 works made with oil paint on glass.


The essence of this project is that a person perceiving a smile in an artistic context can involuntarily move himself/herself into a similar situation by analyzing and sensually processing it. At first, the works seemed to be fun and comical. However, I felt a change in the subject under the influence of the today’s surrounding reality: diseases/ Covid-19, Self-isolation, Masks, Lockdown, etc.

© Yuriy Nemish/ NemishArt

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